Special Projects

Occasionally, we will do a “stock” restoration on a significant works competition car, including 906-011, 906-036, 908/3-007 and 908-010. The 356/2-063 “Gmund SL” is a special case in point. There is perhaps no more significant car in Porsche’s history as a manufacturer because of its status as the progenitor of Porsche Motorsport. The 1951 Le Mans 24 entry of #46 conspicuously marked Porsche’s entrance onto the world stage of motorsport. On their first outing at such a high level, the werks 1,100 cc 356 SL won its class and beat the rest of the 1,500 cc cars, too. When the car came into our care, we assumed the daunting task of restoring the entire roof, dash and inner structure to the car, returning it to its most significant identity as a Le Mans winner.

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