The Build

Building an Outlaw takes time. Each car has a unique back story and properly restoring each 356’s underpinnings requires the patience of skilled craftspeople who have learned the specialized art of car restoration.

Each “build” follows the same well planned course and is why our cars are as revered as they are. Yes, they photograph well, but the lasting value is in the quality of work and components used to build an Emory Outlaw.

Every car we build is a customer car. Our process begins when you decide that you must have an Emory Outlaw in your stable. The initial consultation will help you determine what body style of car (open or coupe), what model year and what level of Outlaw you desire (Outlaw, Special or RS). Then, we’ll cover the topics of exterior trim, wheels, colors & finishes; interior features, seating style, colors & materials. We will prepare some visuals to help you understand what the finished car might look like.

Upon agreement of the build spec, your deposit will set the process in motion. We will source the donor car, disassemble and strip it to bare metal and properly store the vehicle in our shop until your build slot opens.

Once the build commences, we launch into the labor intensive task of restoring and modifying the chassis and body’s sheet metal, adding key strengthening reinforcements along the way. Once the metalwork is complete, the build continues to finer and finer stages of body work and then a concours-quality paint job. After this, the car really begins to hint at its final form and the fun of final assembly kicks in.

Depending on the designation (Outlaw/Special/RS) you have selected, the build timeline typically takes 12-18 months from the time we begin the metalwork. Project funding is divided into monthly payments during the build and the final payment is due upon delivery of the car. We will send regular project updates to help you understand where your car is in the process.

Clients often visit our shop in advance of a build to get an intimate understanding of our process and why we do what we do. If you think you would like to discuss a build, use the links below to make contact with owner-builder Rod Emory.