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Emory Motorsports is recognized for getting more from less. When building an iconic Porsche 356 Outlaw for a client, details are critical. We respect Porsche’s original design aesthetics, yet we find very subtle ways to create new and unique customer experiences through the use of new materials. One example of this is the upholstery in some of our Emory Outlaws and Specials.

As a Porsche customer, one has always been able to customise their car right from the factory. Beyond the performance spec, the most important choices to make are exterior color and interior upholstery. One option the factory made available from the earliest days were seats made of contrasting materials. An example can be seen in an extract from a Porsche certificate of authenticity where the seats were composed of both leatherette and corduroy inserts (pleated center panels). This was a nice option because it helped keep driver and passenger cool during the summer months. (The photo below of a different car illustrates the leatherette/corduroy combo in sand color.)

Porsche coa int-ext specs sm

porsche356 int 2sm

porsche356 int sm


We thought about this and found a way to use new materials to achieve the same effect, while maintaining unique aesthetics in an Emory Outlaw bespoke interior. Since an Emory Outlaw’s upholstery is always made of leather, we decided to combine smooth and basket-weave leather inserts on a few of our recent builds. For one car bound for the UK, we carefully color-matched the blue leather, then employed a local custom leather studio @KillSpencer to upholster the seats and headrests. The result is a rich interior where color, texture and pattern flow together from the square-weave carpet to the seats to the headliner.

60-1959-emory-356-outlaw-rhd sm

61-1959-emory-356-outlaw-rhd sm

68-1959-emory-356-outlaw-rhd sm


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