1 History of Porsche 908-010

Porsche 908-010 short tail coupe was a Porsche works race car and was one of the first editions of the legendary 908's .It is believed to be one of five ex works short tail prototypes still in existence. It is powered by a 3 liter 8 cylinder motor producing 350 hp. The first of the 3 liter 908 was introduced at the Le Man's test weekend in April of 68' and was subsequently raced at the 1000kms at Monza in Italy and Nurburing in Germany prior Spa in May of 68'. Two fresh short tail coupes were brought to the 1000kms of Spa in May of 1968- 908-010 car #6 and 908-011 car #5. As was often the case at Spa, the weather was extremely wet.

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Vic Elford and Jochen Neerpasch were assigned to 010 and qualified in 4 th position on the starting grid. Vic Elford drove the first 32 laps and lead at certain times and then, after turning the wheel over to Neerpasch, two laps were completed before Neerpasch slid off track into a telephone pole.

The damaged car was not to race again for Porsche and was sold off and held in storage in Switzerland until the late 1990's where it was located by Dale Miller, brought to the US and sold to Bill Ferren who oversaw a complete restoration to be completed in time for the 2004 Rennsport event at Daytona.

Aside for one test day 908-010 was stored on the east coast until Cameron Healy of Portland, Oregon purchased the car in December 2006.

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Vic Elford

68' 1000kms of Spa 

"The weather invariably plays a part at Spa; it is almost guaranteed to rain at some time during a race weekend. And this weekend was no exception.

After mixed weather for two days of practice and qualifying, Sunday dawned with rain. It would last all day. I drove the first stint and then handed over to Jochen as the rain continued bucketing down. After just a couple of laps he didn't pass the pits. Since communications in those days were minimal, it was a while before we learned what had happened. On the very fast, sweeping downhill esses at Malmedy , Jachen had slid off the road and knocked down a telegraph pole, part of which then came in through the passenger side window and hit his crash helmet, knocking him out. Fortunately, the car stopped safely at the edge of the road. Jochen was removed and spent the night in the hospital with a slight concussion but no other injuries"

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